Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some early morning images.

Good morning, from a very groggy me.
I've been awake since 5am and up and about since right before six. It seems that having a drink after seven in the evening is throwing off my sleep schedule again. This happened right after Ben and I got married- if I had a glass of wine or any alcohol the night before next day I would be up at dawn with my brain ON.
Oh well, I don't need to drink anyway. The most annoying thing about these times is my brain starts to worry. Mostly, about the normal things you'd worry about at 5am-money, your future, your animals. My brain does this so loudly that if I don't get up and do something I'll work myself into a panic. It's crazy really and doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Good news is, on days like today I tend to be super active and productive, so that makes me happy. I uploaded the pictures that I took with my still-broken camera. Its a Canon S95 so it doesn't have a view finder. I can still kind of make out an image on the screen so I vaguely know what the photograph looks like but focus and lighting are hit and miss.

See what I mean? Though I do think this makes for a neat picture especially since the subject is pretty mundane.

 And what kind of loosely cat-themed blog would I be if I didn't include multiple cat photos in one post? I feel a little guilty that Tazo is this blog's namesake but Ben's cat Numi tends to be more photographable! I chock it up to age differences-Numi's in his prime house cat years (2) and we've never figured out Tazo's age...though I'm guessing four or five since I found him full grown.

 Some of my cooking endeavors of late- my parent's farm fresh eggs, making broth to blanch chicken in and Sunday pancakes which I succeeded at for the first time!! (<<< here I go again with the exclamation points...their just infectious) I like the idea of a more "special" breakfast on Sundays. It's a nice way to spend a slow morning.

I strategically placed my desk in front of the window so now I can distract both cats from trying to lay across my keyboard by opening the window. This might get tricky in the winter, I may need to invent a laptop cozy or something.
I plan on trying some different decorating things in my new office space. I don't claim to be an expert decorator or even much of an amateur one, but with our new place I'd like to try. Limiting all of my experimenting to the office for Ben's sake.
Now, the sun and Ben are both up, one more confused and my being awake than the other.

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