Friday, February 1, 2013

Comic Review: Ultimate Captain America

Ultimate Captain America is a 4 issue series written by Jason Aaron with art by Ron Garney. It caught my eye when I was looking for different characters to read to broaden my spectrum in the comic world. I'm reading the Uncanny Avengers (amazing, so far) and I read Avengers vs. X-Men (also, extremely well done) but nothing with Cap on his own. I liked Ultimate Captain America because it was short.
The outline of the story is this- while on a mission in North Korea Captain America runs into Frank Simpson the man they tried to make the Captain America during the Vietnam War. However, Frank went crazy and switched sides. 
The series really tested Captain America's character; Frank believed that America was evil and tried to show Cap the light by telling him all of the horrible things the government had done expressly President Nixon. Even though this was a short series it took me over a month to read. I have always had a hard time stomach torture scenes and vol. 3 is full of them. Despite that and a little bit because of it this was a well done series that really pushed the character of Captain America and really showed how strong his beliefs are. I was really glad to see that they kept Cap's Christian roots and even allowed for a religious discussion in the fourth volume. 
The art in this series complimented the writing well. Everything was clearly defined and the colors were true to form. 
This series overall, was a good look at Captain America and what he stands for.

Have you read Ultimate Captain America? What do you think?
Happy Friday! Have a good Weekend!

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