Thursday, January 31, 2013

Instagram lately

This past week was a cold one. Ben had to put plastic around our windows to help keep the cold at bay. It did help, but we added sweaters, socks and long johns to our lounge ware. I also had to get a flu vaccine and was feeling sickly the day after (even though the nurse assured me that I wouldn't. Lies) so my instagram feed has been pretty mundane full of cats as always.

This is Tazo whom I'm pretty sure I've never introduced.

I'm really self-concious of taking pictures of just me. Every once in awhile I'll get one I like though.

Our mama cat, Boo. Without the kittens around anymore she's been a kinder, calmer cat that like snuggling with us at night.
Ben worked on Saturday and I ended up not doing much of anything, but playing Harvest Moon DS Cute which is one of the only games I have any sort of attention span for.

How has your week been so far?

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