Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finding creativity

I've become a boring person. For awhile I blamed it on working at Target. 
"Oh well it's because that place is so draining that I don't have time to be creative."
Now that I have the freedom that massage gives me I'm still really boring. Most days I spend cleaning and watching t.v. and I let myself get so bored. Instead doing anything else I'm satisfied to be placated.
My blog posts have definitely reflected this. I've stuck with simple sentence structures and predictable words. 
I haven't read a challenging book in months! I'm bored with myself. I've been dealing with this issue for a couple weeks now and one night I dusted off my notebook and pen and had a journaling-therapy session. It showed my that I could still write well and that half of my problem with being boring was lack of self- discipline. I've been just taking the easy way for almost a month now, and easy is most often boring. 
I can write! I can be creative, it just takes work. Duh. 
The thought process that I've been disillusioned with is getting an idea and just getting caught up in a burning passion and creating something wonderful over night.
Nothing really works that way. It takes work, genuine work and time and discipline of create something worth anything. 
I'd love to see this blog be something, but it's going to take work on a regular basis not a couple of hours here or there when I feel like it. 
I've never viewed the creative process as work or something that I need to actively set aside time for, but that's what you do if you want something to be worthwhile! 
So there you have it I need to be more disciplined in the things that I love to do and hopefully I'll start making things that are worthwhile on this blog and otherwise.

How does your creative process work?

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