Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No more sugar!

I have loved sugar for years. We've built an intimate relationship. It was with me in during the good times and especially the bad times. Lonely nights spent with a pint of Ben and Jerry's, party nights made better with mixed drinks and almost always a midnight snack. Pick me ups in the afternoons of busy days. 
Yes sugar has loved me and I have loved sugar, but I felt our relationship begin to sour last year when I was making a conscious effort at losing weight and realizing that the love sugar gave was not the best for me. It was downhill from there. I was still turning to sugar all the time, but I'd get more and more frustrated with it. Over the holidays I felt groggy, tired and sluggish and I knew it was directly connected to my sugar intake. Finally, in the beginning of this month I knew I had to do something drastic. I cut ties with sugar. 
It was a hard break-up. The first few days I was constantly irritable and dissasitfied. On day 3 I may have actually shed some tears for sugar. However day 4 things started to look up. I felt revitalized and sort of free like I didn't have to rely on sugar anymore. 
It lasted 5 and a half days, but sugar did not like being rejected. When I did come back to it it rejected me. This past week I have had zero energy, drive and a constant headache. By yesterday I knew that sugar and I would have to end for good. Not as enemies though, but as friendly acquaintances. I won't cut it out completely but I'm not relying on it anymore. It's hard but it'll be worth feeling normal again.

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