Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have my final interview today at the hospital!
We're wrapping things up and I'm giving her a massage.
That part is pretty standard in all massage interviews.
But that means we won't be decorating and cleaning and organizing today.
We will be doing kitten damage control. They ripped open some Goodwill pages and drug 
clothes everywhere and somehow knocked over our table by the door with
alll our change on it... I'm sure you can
picture it.
So, while I have to delay Christmas pictures I do have some "latergrams" to share with you.
They do involve a lot a cats because that's our life now.

This happens to be my favorite picture ever. I'm thinking about getting it printed.

Something, something sunrise. 

The best sushi dinner ever

A lunch beer on a lunch date.

This is Boo, or the mama cat. She never lays with me so this was special.

It's Christmas music time!

I know this is a bad picture but I had to act fast.
This is in the bathroom of a movie theater the opening night of Breaking Dawn (which I didn't see)
and that is a pink cocktail with a lime in it. I just got so much humor out of that.

Well I hope you enjoyed my cats! I promise to start using a real camera again now that I'm actively blogging again.

Have a Happy Thursday!

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