Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I've been reading lately.

With working at Target my brain has strongly refused to do anything.
My current reading reflects that...oops.
After trudging through A Casual Vacancy (which I did not finish)
I think my brain wanted to go to the land of rainbows and kittens-minus the kittens I'm already queen of that place. So, I stuck with digital comics for awhile.
I found Mystic a brilliant fantasy series with stunning artwork. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough.
I was introduced to Deadpool and...I don't think I'm ready for that side of super-heros yet. I caught up on the X-Men/ Avengers world. A lot has happened since Jean Grey died and I still can't stand Emma Frost. (Also, if you ever have upwards of two hours the Charles Xavier wikipedia page is the most detailed page I've seen yet and Prof X has apparently done everything there is to do in the universe.)

I did read Jane Eyre. I chose the graphic novel version because I didn't know how I'd like the story. I ended up really enjoying the whole thing and plan to read the actual book. 

I also picked up this book. I've read A Wrinkle in Time when I was younger and this adaptation did the story justice, and to this day it still freaks me out. 
I'm also listening to Interview with a Vampire on audiobook and now I know why Anne Rice is the queen of all things vampire.
I do plan to pick up an actual book soon. Right now it's a toss up for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series or Castle in the Sky. It's so tough to choose!

I hope you have a Happy Wednesday!

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