Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The joy of pens

I've been journalling since I was nine. My first journal was a composition notebook like Amelia from Amelia's Notebooks. I used to love writing with pencils. I remember carrying this notebook and pencils with me everywhere, documenting every happening. I loved the act of writing itself. I loved to feel the lead dragging across the page. I never liked pens much because I could never get the ink to come out evenly and I always ended up scratching the pages. A couple years ago a discovered PaperMate Flair pens. I was doing a journalling challenge and the host talk about these as her favorite pens so I tried them out. They remind me of markers but don't bleed and they have a similar drag quality as pencils do. I now have tons of these pens everywhere. My favorite colors are purple and green.
The other night I saw a commercial for a new PaperMate pen. (which I thought was weird, but I also think commercials for books are weird)
These are new journals from 08-10. My childhood journals are buried somewhere.
Well, whilst wandering around a drug store I came across these new pens, the InkJoy pens, and decided to buy some. We have a myriad of cheap pens around the house that drive Ben crazy because he can never make them work (he doesn't like my Flair pens, he classifies them as markers) so I got these for him and I hopefully will slowly start purging the house of the old ones; he feels bad about getting rid of these cheap pens because he thinks it's a waste, God bless him.
All this talk of writing makes me want to find my journal, where ever I misplaced it.

Happy Writing!

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