Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Reflection

Ben and I being dorks next to Mom's Christmas tree, yesterday.

I just re read my first blog post of 2013 and am feeling pretty pleased. The past couple of days I've spent, like almost everyone else, thinking about this past year and weather or not I kept my resolution to be happy.
I'm rather surprised and happy to say that I have. The first part of last year was hard, probably the hardest year I've had yet. I was laid-off, then unemployed and miserable. Then when I did get a job at a clothing store circumstances there were not exactly ideal and it was a whole new stressful unhappy that I had to deal with. But after awhile and some few major changes I adjusted to my circumstances. Then Ben got a new job which finally suited him perfectly and for what felt like the first time since we had been married we were both happy.
This is not the path I would have chosen to take, nor is it the path I want to take, but it's the path I'm on and I am happy with that for now.
Yesterday was perfect. It was first of three days off in a row (YES!) and it was Ben's day off too which never happens. We slept in, ate a late breakfast and took off to see the Hobbit which was extremely well done. We then made our was back home for a mid afternoon nap (something else that never happens) and spent the evening at my parents catching up.
The fact that yesterday was good was important too me. I haven't had a good January first since I stopped living at my parent's house. Normally, I would have worked or been hung over. 2011 I remember waking up freezing and feeling miserable because I couldn't keep my heater on at night. 
This is the first time that I believe this year will be a considerably better one. I don't know what I'm doing with massage. I don't know what I'm doing with writing. I don't know what I'm doing with this blog, but I do plan on doing all three things regardless of circumstances which is the only way to succeed or fail at anything which is better than just standing still and waiting for life to happen to me.
Happy New Year!

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