Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Resolution

I know I'm two days late, but it's been a busy two days. January 1st I turned in my two week's notice at Target and today I finalized things at the hospital and will start work on the 11th. So so far it's been a good year!

I've done resolutions for the past two year on my other blog and actually carried them out. In 2011 I resolved to quit my job at Starbucks which I did that March and in 2012 I wanted to grow my massage business which I've now done with the hospital.
In 2013 I want to learn to be happy regardless of my circumstance.
New Year's Eve was one of the lowest days for me. I wasn't feeling well and Ben got called into work which is what happened the year before so I spent another NYE alone. I let it get to me and I spent the whole evening in a low, low place. That's when I decided I'm going to work on taking whatever circumstance I've been given and to be happy in it and not get upset over the fact that I can't change it.
The next couple of months will be interesting with this new job which I genuinely hope will be something. I'm a worrier though and I know I'm going to be worried about things like the cars and rent especially since I don't have guaranteed income and I need to learn to have faith that we're walking down the right path.
What are your new year's resolutions? Are you good at sticking with them?

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