Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pinterest Lately.

Ah, Pinterest. That total time vacuum of ideas. I'll spend hours on it, pinning and saying to myself, "I'll do that, and that, and that, oo! I'll totally reupholster the couch!" Then these pins will sit in my boards awaiting me to fulfill my promise slowly losing hope as more time passes. So to help these pins solider on- I thought I'd share some with you and maybe you'll use them and be happy.
This will be helpful when Catching Fire comes out.

One day I'll actually sew something and that day will be glorious!

I actually did make this the other day and it was wonderful. Win for you Ms. Martha.

Temporary cat tattoos?? These were made for me!

Me too, Flannery

Perfect for those days where you, uh, don't feel like washing your hair.

Take these pins, love them, learn from them and be happy!

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