Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer thus far.

How has everyone's summer been going? I started working part time at a women's clothing store a couple weeks ago and massage has started to pick up again. It's a strange thing in my life; when I'm busy I tend to get really busy and when I'm not I'm not. Oh well, all I can do is take things as they come.

It looks like my camera will be out of commission for another month, so I researched so photo editing apps for iPhone and found several that I like. ( Snapseed, A Beautiful Mess, Afterglow)
I know phone photos are looked down upon in the blogger world and it would be preferable that I have some large expensive Canon with a detachable flash...but a girl has got to have priorities. Food is a priority. Camera equipment not so much.
Today, is my day off. I have a fairly important massage meeting to attend to later this afternoon and I'm pretty nervous. I'll be showcasing my chair massage skills for some people at the hospital I work through and things like that always make me nervous. What if I fall on someone? That's never come close to happening before but what if today's the day I fall on someone? How do you recover from that?

Nerves aside, this summer has been a good one. Being able to get our produce from farmer's markets, spending quality time in dirty second-hand book stores and trying out new recipes (my first Smitten Kitchen recipe!) makes for a nice couple of months.

The weather is actually starting to cool down already which has been a nice break, but truly the heat hasn't been so bad this year and for once I wouldn't mind Summer sticking around. 

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