Friday, January 18, 2013

More happy images!

Today is my fifth day without sugar. I'm trying to go seven days without despite having some weird withdrawals. Seriously, last night I got incredibly moody and sad and the only reason was I was craving sugar! It's crazy but I'm hoping by the end of day seven I won't be crazy or have crazy sugar cravings anymore. 
And keeping with my new year's resolution to be happy no matter what here are some things that have made me happy the past week or so.

This pug in a unicorn costume. I think I need the cat version.

Ben says it looks too cold, but I think this looks like the coziest bedroom ever.

I hope these have entertained you some and made your day happier.
(I know this post is a little weak-sauce, but it took me all week to put it together because all I can think about is cookies. Eating so many cookies.)

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