Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday links

Happy Sunday Readers!
I've decided to step back from reviews for a bit because I felt like things were getting a bit dry.
Here are some links and things that have kept me entertained this week- enjoy!

Have you heard of 8tracks? I like it way better than Pandora which has been disappointing me lately.

-This month is zero month for DC. I've read Batman's, Wonder Woman's, and Justice League's. This is a good review on the #0 issue of the Justice League. Shazam's grown on me, not going to lie, I was pretty annoyed at first.
-This is the first positive article I've read on the girl geek community and now I'm following Rachael Berkey's twitter. I needed some positive girl geeks on there.

-Amanda Palmer talking about crowd sourcing and touring. I would love to see her in NYC on New Year's Eve. Sigh, a girl can dream.

-Legally Blonde tops Clueless for me, but I still love that movie and I still think Elle and Cher are pinnacles of fabulous for their time(s). Here's a guide on how to be fab on a budget. 

Hope this has entertained you this Sunday.
Have a great week!

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