Monday, September 17, 2012

Comic Review: Marvel Classics Pride and Prejudice

This is the second classic novel adaption that I've read in graphic novel form and it really was phenomenal.
Nancy Butler was able to condense the story of Pride and Prejudice without losing any of the good Austen-ness of it. She still showed the tension and evolution between Lizzie and Darcy and still kept the dialogue spot on.
My favorite part of the series was the covers of the five issues. They were designed like a teen girl magazine with tips on the cover.
The only thing that I wasn't ecstatic about was the art. The style didn't do anything for me, but it was well done nonetheless.

The story itself is phenomenal. I tried to read Jane Austen in middle school but wasn't ready for the types of story she presents. I was in my action phase I guess. Now, that I'm older I appreciate the story she weaves about this family and the decisions and follies these young women made and the effects it had on the rest of their family. Talk about endearing characters. The father was my favorite, the mother running a close second even though she's super silly.

Overall, Jane Austen creates a timeless tale and Nancy Butler does her justice and makes it less daunting at the same time.

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