Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello from my sickbed.

Hello from Mr. Caine and me!

I've been knocked down by some random cold that's run through Ben and jump onto me.
It's not cool. I haven't be able to do much except sleep, read, eat and check Tumblr.
I'm feeling more substantial today though.

On Saturday we went up to a town called New Harmony that's been very well preserved and has tons of old churches and buildings. New Harmony hosts a lot of little galleries and a lot of events take place there. We went for a "gallery stroll." It was fun except it had to be crazy hot of course. We took a break in their coffee shop/used bookstore/gallery. 
The gallery was hosting some truly atrocious painting selling for unbelievably high prices, but the coffee shop was air conditioned so we stopped to rest there for awhile. Looking at the books for sale was way more interesting than those paintings!

The rest of the week I've spent a lot of time of at It seems that my brain can only process a little information at a time so I've slowly caught up on the New 52 Wonder Woman series. So far I'm pretty impressed.

What have you been up to this week?
Happy reading!

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