Monday, August 13, 2012

Comic Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Okay, bear with me here this is my first review of a comic.
And, this is my first Batman Comic that I've read this decade.
That being said I don't think this was a good place for me to start back.
This also contains spoilers.
This comic was published in 1989 right before Warner Brother's came out with their Batman, and they asked that this comic be censored to a point. I think because of this a lot was lost in the story.
I read a review/summary on it after I read it through and it mentioned things like Batman dealing with his sexuality and a cannibalistic scene with Abraham Arkham that I totally missed.
I went back and read it through again and had to stretch my imagination on though scenes.
The artwork was beautiful in the book, but it didn't portray motion well. I don't think Dave Mckean wanted it too he went for an abstract approach I think that it was to focus on the emotional and psychological issues that were supposed to be happening.
However I sort of lost that in the writing. A lot of scenes turned out to be Batman wandering the halls of Arkham Asylum occasionally peeking in to see old rivals and getting his ass kicked by the Croc.
At that point I wondered why he came. He's Batman and he was doing what he was told by the Joker? What? and the only point I saw any psychological struggle was when he remembered his parent's murdered and whispered "Mommy?" Then he just lets all the villains go...
What kind of conclusion was that?
The comic was supposedly exploring a different side of Batman which it did, however it did it weakly.
Arkham's story was better and clearer.
If they had removed the almost random Batman side story I think they could have made it an interesting look in Arkham's history instead it turned into a vague exploration of the Batman that didn't quite go anywhere.

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