Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Finding some new tunes

I love listening to music in the car on the way to work. It's a good way to get pumped up about a shift or on the way home it's a good way to unwind.
I've always liked listening to music, but I never considered myself super into music. I have friends who budget concerts into their lives and know the bio of every band member in a least a dozen bands. I don't do that. The last concert I went to was to see Jonsi in St. Louis at The Pageant (which was magic). A friend took me and to be honest I really didn't know who Jonsi was before that night. I loved it anyway. Before I met Ben I was constantly looking for new music and I went through a phase where I was a litttlee snobby about it. I despised the radio seeing as we have two top 40 stations, one hard rock station and the rest are oldies or country in this area.
But after I got married my tastes in music relaxed a little (Ben listens to one of the Top 40 stations so I had to stuff that opinion away) and I branched out a little into the pop world.
Working at the clothing store however killed my desire for pop music because that's all we play. (If I hear "Wrecking Ball" or "Blurred Lines" or that weird song with the line "tigers on diamonds chains" anymore I might scream.) And I've found myself in a rut as far as music goes. For the last six months I more or less have only listened to this playlist for the past seven months.

ohhh folk yeahh from mhiggins33 on 8tracks Radio.

I love love love this playlist. It was a perfect blend of familiar and new for me at first. Now, I almost 
know all 43 songs by heart.
 So, I finally took it upon myself to look up a couple of my favorite artist 
from this playlist and invest in them. I found Daughter's EP, The Wild Youth last night and it was 
perfect and dreamy. Then I found on iTunes Palomino by Trampled by Turtles which I absolutely love. I definitely got my fiddle fix.
 It feels good to hear new music again. As comfortable as listening to the same 43 songs was I'm excited to hear new music again as well. Maybe branch out to a little bit of Country? 
....Nah :)

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