Monday, October 14, 2013

A little look a Williamsburg

I'd thought I'd share some pictures that I took while I spent a few afternoons in Williamsburg, Virginia.
My brother lives close to there, so when my mom and I went out to visit him we couldn't not visit Williamsburg. 

I'm not sure why this photo turned out this way but it's a picture of one of the gardens and I think it looks like an impressionist painting.

There was a pretty and kind of random bamboo forest in the middle of Williamsburg that I couldn't resist tromping through. It lead to a parking lot though, so that ruined the magic.

Pomegranates grow on trees! Duh, but I've never seen them outside of the grocery store.

These are fountains outside of our hotel in Newport News. It was a gorgeous park area.

We used to go to Williamsburg when I was little and I loved going back and appreciating the history as an adult. We didn't see any of the reenactments this time but hopefully I'll take Ben (whose never been) out there in April for the full experience.

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