Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What I'm (not) doing

Sorry for the absence. I took a semi-impromtu trip to Denver with my mom, aunt and sister-in-law for a week. It was fun to get away, but I pulled a blogger fail and didn't charge my camera battery so it died half way through. I did get some gorgeous pictures of the mountains which I would love to upload except my cats knocked off all the stuff on my desk in my office and smashed my card reader that I use to upload my photos :( I'm waiting on a new one to come in so hopefully it'll be here next week!
Coming home must have been cursed because my iPhone stopped working and I got food poisoning and haven't been sleeping. Weh, weh, weh.
Today I'm using as a recuperation day as silly as that is. I've cloistered myself in my office because the rest of the house is a mess and am editing some old photos and starting some tutorials on Adobe Illustrator. I got the program as a gift and don't know much about it does anyone know any helpful beginner sites?
Oh, and I've also started Grant Morrison's Supergods which is thought provoking in ways different than I thought it would be. 
Tonight, I plan on drinking probably too much sleepy-time tea and doing some relaxation yoga to hopefully get a real nights sleep so tomorrow will be worth something.

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