Saturday, January 12, 2013

Simply Saturday

1 & 2. The cats enjoying the semi open window in my office going crazy of the bird calls. =)
3. Ben in our garage finishing painting our t.v. stand that's supposed to be the same color as the stool behind him. I don't think it's quite that color, but it's still pretty. Our neighbor keeps telling him he needs to refinish furniture for a living like the amish? Ben keeps telling him he only likes it as a hobby.
4. Sugar. My plan is to give it up for one week starting Monday. A friend of my did this the first week of the year and says it helped greatly deplete her sugar cravings. Since I have fiendish sugar cravings especially at night I need to do this type a cleanse for sure. (photo source)

    Tonight I work my last shift at Target. It's a 7-hour cashier shift which I would rather not do, but I'm a strong advocate of finishing things on a good note, so in I go to ring up people's purchases while they watch me. I've never noticed that until I started cashiering, but people really do watch you as though they were waiting for you to mess up or something. Now that I'm conscious of it I hope I never do that to another cashier haha.
    Monday, I start at the hospital full time so I have to get myself on a real schedule again. I'm finally excited about the hospital; up till today I've just mostly been afraid of giving up my steady income and finally my fear has subsided. I know this is where I'm meant to be and I know that God takes care of me, so I'm leaving the rest up to him and being freaked out about it isn't going to change a thing. Saying that and believing it are two different things of course but I think I can do both now. Ben and I have spent our Saturday cleaning and finishing up a couple of things we've wanted to do. We also started watching 'Psycho' since we want to see the movie 'Hitchcock' we figured it would be nice to actually know what movie this movie is talking about. We didn't finish it today the warm weather has made us restless.
And! I hope by the beginning of the week to have a new book review up!

Has everyone else had a good Saturday?

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