Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas time pictures

Well, well we have snow. Forgive my not-pretty back yard and someone else's chair on my porch. I have to work an 8 hour shift today and I'm not excited about the drive, but what can you do. Drive slow. 
I have Christmas pictures as promised! Starting with our Christmas play at church. It was a small and simple one which was adorable. I remember the huge productions that I was in when I was little. I was always terrified and there were lines to remember and songs to sing and make-up to wear, and so many people!

The Stars were my favorite. 

And the sheep were Ben's favorite, they were too cute!

Christmas morning has always been my favorite. We play it super low key and stay in pajamas as long as possible. This year my brother, sister-in-law, and my dog neice Gracie were with us. It was a perfect. My parents bought Ben and I a bed earlier this year for Christmas but of course my mom bought us a bunch of little things to open and! I got a new pair of boots which was awesome. Because I have such an issue with shoes I haven't bought boots since high school and it was past time for that pair to retire.

Ben loved the socks I got him. He's a total sucker for socks and ties which is pretty awesome I mean, look at that face.

My brother and sis-in-law got me this. I'm excited to start it. I've been working on Neal Stephson's Zodiac and the writing is interesting, but I haven't gotten into the story much and I got one of those 'give us our book back' letters from the library.

We drank coffee alll day. It was the best.

My mom loves decorating and Christmas is no except she put my decorations to shame for sure.
(We're down another kitten! So that leaves one kitten and one cat left, whew, I feel like I can start really  cleaning again)

My niece Gracie. She's a year old and smarter than all of us. 

She really doesn't like to be still, but I had her ball so she had to sort of pay attention to me, but look at that face she's not happy about it.

What are your Christmas traditions? Did you have a good one? Drink lots of coffee?
Be safe and enjoy the snow!

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