Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello! A blog introduction

Me and my husband
Hello! Hello!
My name is Lillian! 
I live in southern Indiana with my husband and our two cats.
I'm a huge reader of fiction and comic books.
I've created this blog to share and expand my book and comic love.

My enjoyment from reading came at a young age. My family and I were visiting an uncle when my mom bought for me Illustrated Classics: The Count of Monte Cristo.
It was the first book that I got lost in reading. I loved that feeling and that drove me to find more books.
Here I am now still seeking books.
My mother also helped me discover comic books (she's a pretty cool lady) by giving me a Wonder Woman journal. After years of having it I decided I wanted to learn more about this Wonder Woman so I headed to the local comic store to pick up the 100th issue of Wonder Woman. My collection grew from Wonder Woman to X-Men, The Sandman series, Batman and various others.
Despite reading comic books for years I'm still new to the comic "world"- the artist, authors, publishers and things and am looking to explore that further. 

The journal and novel the fueled my love. 
So, there it is-my blog. I hope that I can entertain you with my musing and invite you to share with me your knowledge and opinions!

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